Brazing materials

Tokyo Braze has developed brazing alloys that meet the needs of our customers from the beginning of our founding.We will continue to focus on research and development in the future.

Strong Point

We offerto variety of JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards) standard alloys to our original alloys, such as corrosion resistance, high thermal stress and airtightness.

Nickel based brazing alloys

Nickel based brazing alloys are typically used in stainless steels, which show high joint strength and corrosion resistance.

We have 3types of brazing alloys. Powder, paste & foil
We also have Nickel based brazing alloys other than the above.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Silver based brazing alloys

Silver based brazing alloys are used in wide range such as iron, stainless and copper.
We handle the products of FUSION Inc. and other overseas company.

We also have silver based brazing alloys other than the above.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nickel Brazing

 AWSNiCrBSiPFeotherMelt Range(℃)form
TB-902BNi-2 73.24.5 3 970-1000powder, paste
TB-904BNi-4  23.5   980-1070powder, paste
TB-905BNi-5 19 9   1080-1135powder, paste
TB-906BNi-6    11  875powder, paste
TB-907BNi-7 14  10  890powder, paste
TB-905X 29 46  980-1040powder, paste

and more..

Iron Braze

  FeCrNiSiPMootherMelt Range(℃)form
TB-2720our original272043 10  990-1040powder, paste
TB-3520our original352030252 1010-1060powder, paste
TB-4520our original452020252 1020-1080powder, paste
TB-5020our original502010252 1060-1115powder, paste

Silver Braizng

product numberAWSAgCuZn CdNiSnotherMelt Range(℃)form
TB-601BAg-145151624   605-620wire
TB-604BAg-4403028 2  670-780wire
TB-607BAg-7562217  5 629-650wire
TB-608BAg-87228     780wire paste
TB-618BAg-186030   10 600-720wire
TB-621BAg-216328.5  2.56 690-800wire
TB-624BAg-24502028 2  660-705wire
TB-629BVAg-2961.524    14.5In620-710wire paste
TB-640our original402623 425Mn656-672wire

and more..

Active Silver Brazing

  AgCuTiInSnMelt Range(℃)form
TB-608Tour original70282  780-800powder, paste
TB-629Tour original6024214 620-720powder, paste
TB-652Tour original6629.51.5 3745-780sheet

thickness: 0.1, 0.05mm

Titanium Brazing

 AWSTiZrCuNiMelt Range(℃)form
TB-2500our original37.537.525 825paste
TB-5000our original252550 810-860paste

Cupper brazing, Cu-P based brazing, Gold/paredium Brazing materials and so on..

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