Iron Braze Alloys

「Iron Braze」TM is the registered trademark of Tokyo Braze Co., Ltd..

Strong Point

Tokyo Braze ORIGINAL

  • We developed “Iron Braze” by ourselves. “Iron Braze” is the brazing alloys for stainless steels.
  • It mainly consists of iron and chromium. We have made it possible to reduce costs compared to nickel based brazing alloys.
  • ”Iron Braze” is the most suitable for austenitic stainless steel, because the composition is closed to SUS316.
  • The joint strength is almost same as nickel based brazing alloys.

We have 2types of “Iron Braze”. Powder and paste.
We also have TB-2720 of plate(sheet).
“Iron Braze” is suitable for brazing of thin plate and convenient for working property.

We had used “Iron Braze” for our plate heat exchangers, pipe heat exchangers, parts of automobile, etc..

Result of the test of joint strength(Test of high tensile strength)
Test of corrosion resistance(Spraying salt water: 168hours)
Conparison of composition
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